Childhood Nostalgia

I'd like to think that my parents constant questioning of whether the foundation year was a waste or not is just motivational banter. And these photos is somewhat proof that I, being semi-asian, was paying attention + did work relatively hard **wink wink**. Fulfilling stereotypes is my fave pass-time. Quite easy for me, I eat a kebab, I eat fried rice, I drink bubble tea, I squint hard, I have a hairy back, and I'm set for the day. Kidding about the last one, no fret, I be waxin' it daily! 

What you're looking at is the photo set taken at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs to show my Unit 7 products in sitchu. The people at the coffee shop were incredibly friendly and helpful; walked up to them and said 'hiiii, i'm a student and can you make coffee for me' and handed them dino handle cups. nicely done selin, nicely done. As if I wasn't a student for the past 12 years (K-IB2), why do I suddenly find the need to introduce myself as 'student'. Maybe cause I get discounts like this! Please add 'I am frugal' to the list of stereotypes.

The accompanying explanation read:
'An espresso set that coalesces the playfulness of childhood toys and the typically adult ritual of coffee drinking. The miniature lion and dinosaur toys, casted in ceramics, placed as handles on the cups bring a whimsy feel to an otherwise ordinary object. Designed to evoke carefree childhood recollections, each piece, being handmade, has it's own quirks in the same way that those memories would.'