Travel: Turkey

Marmara Island

YES! Went to Marmara Island again. It ain't summer till you go to the island. At least that's what we say in our familia, the turkish side that is. Seem familiar? Posted photos from Marmara island last year (herehere, and here) and the small place doesn't really change. But I guess that's what makes it so great. Knowing there's a place waiting for you to return each year.

Corals, greens, blues, a whole lot of pastels! Best colored houses I've seen since portobello.

Being the first to open the doors to the island house this summer, spider webs, dusty door frames, and covered furniture awaited us. Oh and the shower! Turned the tap on and orange water ran for two minutes. Eh maybe two seconds, but felt a lot longer. 

Tea: tea with breakfast, tea with lunch, tea after dinner, and tea at night.

note: Gonna go back to watching masterchef australia now. LOVE EET. and olympic diving, gotta watch the diving!