The Past Few Weeks

On the walk to the port. Or was it back to the car after the class? Keep scrolling. 

Other than the internship, i've been taking sailing classes on the weekend with the fam. By fam, I mean father + semi-crippled asian mama. Well, she complains of muscle and shoulder pains, making me the designated rope pulling + macho person. Hey, I'm cool with it as long as they trust me. If we lose a sail, or even worse, sink, it ain't on me.

Tasty burgers. Is it true that food tastes better when you're hungry, or have worked a full day? Well these mini burgers were mind blowing. Omnomnom in my belly.

Visited a glass studio two weeks ago, thought I would take a short course there. Then I saw the dorm rooms and ehrm, let's just say it wasn't worth the $60 per night price they set.