Sustainable concept based packaging for ceramic cups, made from a mixture of newspaper and ground rice. Reminiscent of the animal shipping process, the dinosaur handled cup sits in a bed of newspaper, which is used as a form of animal bedding, as it is being sent in this box, inspired by the typology of crates. Newspaper, having a short lifespan, is up-cycled to create packaging that appeals to be more than disposable wrapping, asking for a long stay in any household. Potentially repurposed as a container, this box achieves a longer lifespan than that of its previous incarnation. 


Newspaper has a low perceived value as it has a short lifespan as it becomes old news. Although recyclable, it is not considered as sustainable as digital news. The developed material has the properties of being incredible lightweight, making it suitable for packaging, especially for mailing. It is a sturdy material, as it does not bend easily; however, it does crack under immense pressure. When formed under high heat and compressed under pressure, it becomes water-resistant. It is a good heat insulator, so can be applied of surfaces of hot containers or used as heat mats. It is aesthetically pleasing with a marble effect with pops of color from the newspaper images.  


Based on the insight that consumers tend to keep and re-use boxes  for storage (left), the aim is to up-cycle newspaper into beautiful packaging, designed for the Childhood Nostalgia animal handle espresso cups, that would be repurposed around the home after the original product finds a new spot to hang out. 


However, this box can be manufactured on an industrial scale through applying pressure and heat between two large metal plates, creating large recycled newspaper boards. This material can then be used for various purposes.